Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance services ensure that refrigeration equipment operational performance is secured whilst downtime costs and lost sales are minimized. At the same time,it will enlarge the life of the cabinet, and it will save the usage cost.

The main activities of the Preventive Maintenance include checking ,cleaning and repairing the following system:

Mechanical System

  • Correct placement of the equipment
  • Ambient temperature (1 meter from the cooler door)
  • General appearance of the cabinet
  • Door and gasket system
  • Correct place to secure optimum airflow inside of the unit
  • Correct fixing of the fan support/grid
  • Drainage system
  • Operating noise

Electrical System

  • Electrical Power cable
  • Illumination system
  • Electrical connections

Refrigerating system

  • Compressor operating status
  • Start capacitor, overload and current relay
  • Fan motor, condenser and evaporator
  • Proper functioning of the Mechanical or Electronic thermostat

Dispensing system(only for dispensing machine)

  • Gas gauge or Pressure regulator
  • Valve of CO2 cylinder, kegs and taps
  • The connection of tube and clips
  • Tube cover(the cool preservation)