Stay in summer with Ice Cream scoop freezer

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An essential to any ice cream parlor, sorbet shop, or gelateria, an Ice Cream scoop freezer is the perfect way to store, display, and serve all your frozen treat flavors! Thanks to features like heat reflective glass, the cabinet temperature stays consistently cold to keep ice cream frozen and fresh for serving. Choose a glass top Ice Cream scoop freezer to make food product visible to customers.

Features & Benefits:

SD-1L(single row) is nearly half deepth of the normal one

*Easy to installate in limited place

The cooling plant has automatic rapid defrosting using hot gas.

*Much better to lock the taste of the ice cream freezer
Heating wires applied for glass

*Anti-condensation,and better to show ice cream freezer



*Side & Front apperance color 
*Marble or Stainless steel finish or wooden
*Available in Italy pans or other pans