How to Clean a Beverage-Air Home Beer Cooler

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Since 1944, Beverage-Air Corporation has designed commercial-style refrigeration units for use in both homes and businesses including bar refrigeration units such as beer coolers. Beverage-Air beer coolers include bottle coolers, beer/beverage bottle refrigerators and keg holding units or "kegerators." Beverage-Air beer cooler units, as with any refrigeration system, require little cleaning except for removal of waste materials (if applicable), dusting of the condenser/coils and thorough washing of interior and exterior surfaces on a regular basis.

1.Remove and empty the beer waste plastic jar located inside your Beverage-Air beer cooler each time it fills and clean at least once daily. To clean, wash with a soapy sponge or lint-free microfiber cloth and dry before placing it back into the unit.

2.Empty and clean the condenser drainage pan as needed. Depending on the model of your Beverage-Air Beer Cooler, look for the pan under the condensing unit compartment grille or under the cabinet. As with the beer waste jar, wash with mild detergent, rinse thoroughly and dry before use.

3.Vacuum the condenser/coils located at the front or rear of your unit. If you own a BB, DD or GF model, pull away the front grille to access the area housing the condenser/coils. If you own a BM model, pull away the cover at the rear.

4.Clean the faucet once a week (if applicable). Close the keg tap and then disconnect the faucet using a wrench following the instructions specific to your cooler model. Wash the faucet thoroughly with detergent in hot water to kill any bacteria and germs, rinse to remove soap residue and then air dry before reconnecting to the unit.

5.Wipe down the interior and exterior of your unit to remove dirt, stains and bacteria/germs. Defrost your beer cooler if necessary before cleaning interior surfaces. To defrost (if necessary with your model), unplug or turn off the cooler, open the door, wait at least 15 minutes for the frost to melt into the pan under the unit's evaporator or nearby defrost drainage container. Empty the pan or jar. Wipe all surfaces with a soapy sponge or cloth, rinse and then dry before plugging the unit back in and turning it on.