AMED Commercial Refrigeration Innovation On Beer Dispenser – Customized Beer Tower

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AMED is a professional commercial equipment manufacturer, who has 20 years experience in

this field. The products include beverage cooler, beer cooler & dispenser, ice cream freezer, supermarket

refrigeration, convenience store refrigeration and bakery showcase. Our main customer is

Russia, Middle Asia, South East Asia , North and South Europe, Africa, etc. 20 years focusing in this

field make us to design the unique display model and have excellent quality products.


As a one of the most important beer cooler and beer dispenser manufacturer in China, we always make the innovation to lead the beer dispenser market and also work together with customer to customized the products for them.


After years development, we worked together with a lot of global brewery factory and supply to them the beer dispenser, beer cooler and other marketing equipment as their request. This year we made a strategy cooperation with China very famous beer factory(No.1 of China brand with over 100 years history) and designed a exclusive beer tower for them, this beer tower is used in Qingdao beer festival in last few months.


According to the famous beer’s request, the ideas should be conform to their brand image. So we use sports cars and yachts curve to create the passion feeling ,and this is totally conform to their brand imagine and slogan- Dream of passion the achievements. After the tower launched the market during the Qingdao beer festival, there are over 10 million of the people seen the customized beer tower and tasted their beer. This make a good advertising for them and strongly strengthened their brand image in consumer mind.


As a professional commercial refrigeration company, we do not only manufacture the commercial refrigeration equipment, but also work closely with customer to distinguish them to others and help them to strengthen the brand image in the point of sales. Based on such kind of aims, we believe the continuous innovation on the beer dispenser, beer towers will support our customer to gain more market.


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